Ports & Logistics

The Humber has the UK’s largest and busiest multi-purpose ports complex, with its location and connectivity making it the natural home for a unique combination of port-related logistics and manufacturing knowhow. Three ports serve the north of the UK – Grimsby, Immingham and Hull. With access points across the Humber Estuary, collectively they offer unrivalled access to the northern UK markets in terms of travel time, distance and ultimately cost. HumberPort’s location at the end of the M62 corridor, and proximity to key Yorkshire freight (road and rail) distribution centres, offers the logical choice for container traffic accessing the UK.


The Humber has the UK’s 2nd largest chemical cluster with eight world-class chemicals and green energy businesses being housed on the banks of the Humber at Salt End Chemicals Park. This £6n regional industry offers global expertise in chemical research, innovation and manufacturing - put to use in everyday applications from clothing to paints, pharmaceuticals to packaging and with 80% of production exported to Europe and beyond.


The Humber is leading the UK renewables sector with a collective of over £700million being invested through Siemens, Able, ABP and the development of Greenport Hull. Having brought power to the UK for decades in the form of coal, oil and gas, the Humber continues to build on its credentials in offshore marine engineering, energy infrastructure and the opportunity to exploit agricultural land to capitalise on the global demand for renewable energy sources.

Between 2015 and 2020 Dong Energy will have invested a colossal £6bn, including the development of the world’s largest Offshore Wind Farm right here in the Humber. This will support an average of 1,600 construction jobs per year and an estimated 500 long-term jobs could be created in the company’s operations and maintenance activity post 2020.

Food Processing & Manufacturing

The Humber is a vital food provider, at the centre of the UK’s seafood industry and having the largest concentration of food manufacturing research, storage and distribution in Europe. Over 500 companies within the region contribute £1bn to the UK economy and employ over 28,500 people. As well as technical and manufacturing expertise, the Humber is driving innovation in food and drink consumables, being home to leading brands such as Young’s Seafood, Saucy Fish, Aunt Bessies, Glorious Soups, Pipers Crips, Golden Wonder, Lincoln & York Coffee, Jackson’s Bakery and the famous Wold Top Brewery to name but a few. Thanks to the rich and fertile land around the Humber estuary and the chalk hills that form the Yorkshire & Lincolnshire Wolds, agriculture also plays a major role in the region’s economy.


Worth an estimated £7bn its Digital Sector is thriving too, boasting the largest cluster of digital expertise outside of London and some of the most advanced broadband in the country. 58,000 people work across digital activities regionally and in late 2015, Hull opened a new £4m Centre for Digital Innovation in further demonstration of its commitment to developing its leading approach.