Humber Brand – A core project that will focus on the joint development of the region’s proposition. Bondholders will lead a steering group of public and private sector representatives and using ‘Energy’ as the core of our offer, develop a set of USPs and a strong narrative that shall become engrained throughout all marketing and communications materials relating to the region. This is key for shared tone of voice and ‘vision’ of how the Humber should be represented

  • – A crucial and exciting new project that will see Bondholders work collaboratively with the Humber LEP to create a central digital Humber hub. As a place where key information can accessed with regards to the Humber’s offer, This site is of key importance in order to provide a singular platform in which to project the strength of our industry sectors, expertise, global connectivity and trading as well as our rich Enterprise Zones and available sites and premises. will become the place for inward investment enquiries and seeks to actively engage professionals, those travelling here on business, regional business and the media alike

  • Pocket guide to the Humber – developed in conjunction with this guide showcases the Humber; The UK’s Energy Estuary, highlighting the opportunity here for businesses and demonstrating the strengths of our people and industries. The guide is available in both digital and glossy format as a guide for investors and businesses, whilst also strengthening and unifying the outward promotion of the region
  • ‘Your Life’Recruitment of professionals within the region remains a key business issue – whether retaining talent locally or bringing it in from outside of the region, Bondholders has the opportunity to play a crucial role in supporting this. Building upon the success of the existing ‘Your Life’ guide, a new brochure we created, which, alongside case studies and lifestyle elements will offer a more in-depth overview of housing, economics, schools, connectivity and the brands/industries that operate here, etc
  • Regional & Local PRWorking closely with BQ Magazine & Yorkshire Business Insider, Bondholders have taken the regional message to business communities and potential investors across the wider northern corridor. We will continue to work closely with the local media too, ensuring that strong relationships are harnessed to project the key messages, investments and opportunities on behalf of businesses across the region.
  • PhotographyThe region has progressed significantly over the last 2-3 years and our image library has been updated significantly in the last 12 months to reflect those changes. Bondholders and our ambassadors are able to use the images to show the Humber in its best possible light throughout marketing, events and PR initiatives. 
  • Case StudiesAs part of our commitment to raise the profile of Bondholder businesses, 12 new case studies have been developed in the last year. One case study has been featured each month in special ‘in view’ newsletters. The case studies are also available for regional media for use in magazine spreads, radio and topical TV/news pieces.
  • Bondholder Website & Marketing Collateral – Building a stronger profile for the organisation is also important to solidify our approach and demonstrate how we want to be perceived as an organisation. This new website will continue to share our visions and objectives, as well as profile the work we do to promote the region. In turn, it will be a place where are members can actively engage with us, keeping up to date with the news, promotional opportunities and benefitting from improved downloadable resources, etc.
  • Events – the Bondholder event calendar for 2016 included:

Event dates for the first half of 2017 are:


  • Sponsorship – Bondholders have continued to support the Hull Daily Mail Digital Awards, sponsoring the best digital marketing communication campaign at the event which took place on 8 September 2016
  • Signage – In order to fulfil commitments made in 2015 to strengthen gateway signage on the South Bank, we will deliver Billboard signage in April and also propose to develop signage at a relevant A180 interchange point once major roadworks have been completed