Mid Level
PR & Media Manager
University of Hull

Salary: £41,212 to £47,722 per annum

Closing Date: Sunday, 19 August 2018

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The University of Hull is operating in an increasingly complex, challenging and competitive environment, with further major change on the horizon. The University is well prepared for this with its Strategic Plan (2016-2020) which will steer the institution through this period, whilst driving the necessary growth and step-change in performance. As referenced in the Strategic Plan (2016-2020), Marketing & Communication is key to positioning the University, enhancing our stature and reputation and making our voice heard. The enhancement of marketing and communication operations will be a high priority, particularly our online presence, including our website and social media interaction. Equally important is our ability to communicate with our internal audiences, specifically our students, staff and alumni. 

We will:

  • Develop our institutional organisational capability in marketing and communications by improving individual and team contributions, by adapting a new organisational construct, and by developing new systems, policies and procedures.
  • Deploy a digital strategy encompassing web, social and traditional media with robust governance and quality assurance.
  • Employ brand development to define our position and core proposition in the markets we seek to engage.
  • Cooperate with our partners to amplify the effectiveness of our marketing and communications. 

The Marketing & Communications team at the University is transforming, with the development of new, highly specialised roles to work in an agile and coordinated way, aligned to a shared strategy. This will drive a step change in our quality and performance as well as creating the opportunity to gain competitive advantages through our marketing and communications activity.

Our marketing strategy will support:

  1. The attraction of greater numbers of quality students
  2. The improvement of the student experience through better communication
  3. Staff engagement a) to promote the University more effectively b) to ensure engagement in and understanding of key strategic messages/themes
  4. The attraction of high quality staff
  5. Our research activity, showcasing its impact to grow our reputation & foster engagement with key stakeholders
  6. Our opportunities for business engagement, support & enterprise initiatives
  7. The mobilisation of our Alumni to invest (interest, time or money)
  8. Public participation in our events and engagement activity, particularly before, during and after City of Culture 2017 Specific Duties and Responsibilities of the pos.

The PR & Media Manager will play a vital role in the development and delivery of the University communications strategy. The role holder will be responsible for the development and delivery of the PR & Media strategy as part of this. The role holder will build and nurture highly productive relationships with colleagues across the University, as well as media and partner organisations. Developing the PR & Media Plan. The PR & Media Manager will be responsible for developing and leading an audience focused PR & media engagement strategy as part of the wider communications strategy. The key objective will be to enhance our stature and reputation by making our voice heard across relevant media channels. Key components of this strategy will be to build our brand identity, voice, media output and media relationships. The role holder – working with the Head of Communications, relevant agencies and partners - will create, deliver and evaluate sector leading, award-winning multi-channel PR campaigns that effectively position and promote the University to achieve its key objectives. The PR & Media Manager will build strategic relationships with the media and other external partners to share and amplify our story and key messages. The role holder will be the ‘go to’ person for guidance on all PR & media related issues and will play a lead role in positioning the importance of PR & media activity as part of the University’s strategic themes and priorities, particularly with senior colleagues. 

To discuss this role informally, please contract Nicola Baker, Head of Communications, email: Nicola.Baker@hull.ac.uk 

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