Malet Lambert is a happy, purposeful and confident school, with staff and pupils sharing a common goal, both inside and outside the classroom. Our designation as a specialist Language College offers many opportunities in school and through foreign trips. It also enables us to work with the community and with local businesses. We firmly believe in the 'work first' ethic and we encourage our pupils to enjoy the learning opportunities available to them. All children have the potential to be successful and we try our hardest to help them unlock their talents. It was with this in mind that we wrote our vision statement:

"Malet Lambert School - Traditional Values, Contemporary Aspirations, Creative Curiosity"

At Malet Lambert we are committed to safeguarding all our pupils as we work towards education for excellence. We have high expectations of our pupils and ourselves and we strongly encourage self-discipline, responsibility, courtesy, respect and co-operation. Our pupils wear their uniform with pride - Malet Lambert is a successful school and we warmly invite you to become a valued part of that success.

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