Wold Top Brewery, our bottling and events companies, all on our family farm high on the Yorkshire Wolds, utilise all our assets:- homegrown Barley, water from our borehole, wind generated power, gardens and amazing location to create our award winning products.

We brew and bottle our own beers and on contract to other breweries so we can create bespoke own label bottle beers.

We can utilise our brewery and gardens to create a unique corporate venue.
We have amazing flowers, birds and wildlife on the farm.

We are in the process of expanding our brewing capacity with a new Brew Plant which will enable us to both contract brew and bottle for others.

We consider Hull to be one of our most important sales area and are keen to grow within that area. We are increasing our export orders and realise that Hull is an important route to market in Europe.
We have watched and are watching Hull’s growth and want to be a part of that expansion.

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