Future Thinking Series Launch - University of Hull's Faculty of Business, Law and Politics

16 November - 31 December 2020


The world of business is changing, and we recognise that this change is on an unprecedented scale that will impact many organisations. Following on from the success of our Covid-19 webinar series in lockdown 1.0, we are delighted to announce the launch of our Future Thinking Series: Part 1 – COVID Resilience. Our aim is to offer support and advice to the questions you and your company have by offering a series of webinars, insights and workshops linking with our areas of expertise.

During this harsh period of transformation, the Covid Resilience series will act as a live series, responding in real time to the concerns and questions of our external partners and stakeholders. We will maximise these connections through excellent research, learning and teaching across disciplines to equip organisations with the right tools to become more resilient and innovative.

We begin the series with this question - Are you asking yourself how to ensure your supply chain is resilient to the risk posed by the pandemic?

Check out Hull University Business School's Linkedin Page for the next part and updates on the series.

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