Streets - Annual Payroll and HR Update

8 April - 12 April 2021

Online - Demio

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Whether you have just one employee or a large workforce, perform payroll in-house or use a payroll bureau, our annual update aims to keep you informed of the issues, regulations and changes affecting payroll management and compliance.

Payroll - A Topical Update and Refresher
Theresa Waddingham
Senior Payroll Manager, Streets Chartered Accountants
Theresa’s presentation will focus on the forthcoming changes affecting payroll as we start a new tax year, along with some useful hints and tips to make your life easier and to ensure those charged with payroll are on the right track. Her presentation will include the following:

  • Changes in legislation impacting payroll from April 2021
  • Correcting payroll errors and omissions
  • Payrolling Benefits in Kind
  • Updated guidance and advice on furlough 
  • Furlough over and under claims and payroll implications
  • IR35 and payroll implications
  • Employing EU nationals 
  • Government grants – Kickstart scheme
  • Incentive payments for hiring a new apprentice
  • Freeports employer National Insurance Contributions Rate Relief
  • Introduction to Streets Payroll Bureau - our service offer
  • The benefits of outsourcing payroll

A Post-Pandemic Roadmap For Your Workforce 
Anita Wynne
Director and Founder, Beststart Human Resources
The last 12 months have been unprecedented for employers and HR personnel responsible for looking after and managing a workforce. It is widely claimed that the pandemic will have a lasting effect on the way we work, including from where, how and when, as well as what work we do and who is responsible for it.   

This is in addition to the financial impact on businesses that have not been able to trade or have, as a consequence of the lockdown, experienced lower levels of business. As lockdown restrictions are lifted fewer businesses are likely to return to their pre-pandemic state.

With this in mind, Anita’s presentation will focus on the roadmap for a return to business. Anita will focus on understanding the lasting impact of the pandemic on the workforce and looking at what employers and HR personnel need to consider as they get to grips with the ‘new normal’ – an approach which is not going to be as simple as a ‘factory reset’.  

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