30 January 2023

Our Winter Wellness campaign kicked off with a focus on mental health. We signposted you to a number of useful resources that could offer support and help keep your mind mentally well.

Rehab Recovery is a website that brings people together who are affected by addiction and mental health issues. To support those who are impacted by then cost of living crisis, they have created an infographic, which can be found here.

The cost-of-living crisis in the United Kingdom is an increasingly serious problem that affects millions of people. In recent years, wages have stagnated and prices have risen, leading to an increasingly difficult financial situation for many people.

This has led to an increase in inequality and poverty, with people struggling to make ends meet and even losing their homes.

This infographic aims to shine a light on the UK cost of living crisis, exploring the impact it has had on different demographics, the underlying causes, and the potential solutions.

The UK cost of living crisis is felt most severely by those on the lowest incomes. Families struggling with limited budgets are particularly affected, as the combination of stagnant wages and rising prices has left them unable to keep up with their costs.

This has led to an increase in poverty, with people often having to make difficult choices between paying their rent or other essential bills. This has led to some experiencing mental health issues, and even issues with addiction.

The cost-of-living crisis has also had a significant impact on young people. With the cost of housing, university tuition fees, and other costs of living all on the rise, many young people are unable to afford the basics.

This has resulted in many having to take on high levels of debt, with the hope that their future earnings will be sufficient to pay it off.

Find out more about Rehab Recovery, here.

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