11 August 2022

A drive to bring together Hull’s burgeoning digital marketing community is back on track and attracting big numbers and influential speakers to a series of events which promote innovation and interaction.

Delegates attending the Power Hour sessions report heading back to their desks equipped with new insight and ideas to benefit their own businesses and improve their marketing offer to clients.

Mike Ellis, who launched the Power Hour as an antidote to the isolation of lockdowns, said the aim is to share ideas and create a platform to enable the digital sector to grow professionally.

The Managing Director of 43 Clicks North, Mike launched his company early in 2017 after spending five years with an agency in Leeds. Determined to reverse what he saw as a digital brain drain from East Yorkshire, in 2019 he partnered with contacts in the sector to introduce DigiHull as a means of establishing partnerships to build a technology city.

After a pause for the pandemic, Mike reinvented the gatherings as the Power Hour. The latest event held at Social in Humber Street, Hull, was the fourth since the resumption in October 2021 and attracted more than 120 bookings and an audience on the day of nearly 100.

They heard Beu [correct] Smith, SEO Strategist at 43 Clicks North, talk about the future of search strategies, James Urquhart of Midlands-based Lets Run Social discuss changes to Facebook and Instagram Ads in 2022 and Alistair O’Sullivan, Managing Director of Hull-based agency Diony, anticipate changes in ecommerce as businesses battle rising costs and a drastic change in consumer behaviour.

In promoting the events, Rhys Peachey, Community Manager at 43 Clicks North, assembled a mix of delegates from other digital agencies, digital marketing managers, ecommerce managers and owner-managers of businesses who do their own sales and marketing.

Brett Thompson, who works on digital acquisition for, Arco, the UK’s leading safety company, said: “As an in-house team we are conscious of becoming isolated in our thinking and falling behind on emerging trends so the Power Hour is a great way for us to mix with the local digital marketing community and keep abreast of things.

“Each time we attend we always take some insight from the talks to share with the wider team. The opportunity to dissect these talking points in detail over a slice of pizza is also fantastic.”

Jade Hamilton, Digital Sales & Marketing Executive at Eon Visual Media added:  “We have attended all of the Power Hour events and the speakers have all been really interesting, all with different topics which we enjoy. It's great to learn about things and understand different topics and upcoming trends.

“It was interesting to hear the speakers talking about subjects including AI, Google Glass and AR shopping – something that our team are very interested in and explore daily. It opened my eyes to future content which these huge companies are working on and which I would love to dive deeper into and explore for myself. 

“The event was also an opportunity for us to connect with local agencies, and introduce ourselves and start building relationships with them.”

Mike said: “This was our busiest event yet for sign-ups. We’re very happy with the final number, especially as a lot of people were on holiday, and we’re already planning the next one.

“The idea was to create a networking event without calling it a networking event and to make sure the people within the digital space get together with others in our sector and our industry so if we have questions we can go and ask each other.

“It’s not about lead generation. It’s about finding and developing leaders in the community and creating a barometer of the talent there is in our city.

“It’s good for me to know what people are doing out there and at the same time it’s a chance for other people and agencies in the business to step up, see the quality that’s there and recognise that we have a thriving digital community.”

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