By Louise Drewery on 01 March 2018

Bondholders work with University of Hull to target next generation across UK.

Young people across the country will learn about the opportunities to live and work in the Humber region as part of this year’s National Careers Week (NCW).

Bondholders, the area’s business marketing organisation, is teaming up with the University of Hull to showcase the jobs, education and quality of life available in the Humber.

It will be the first time one region has been highlighted as part of NCW, which takes place from 5 to 10 March 2018.

Diana Taylor, managing director of Bondholders, said: “The members of Bondholders, our businesses and organisations of all sizes in the Humber, tell us that there has never been a bigger need for careers guidance to be promoted and celebrated in education.

“We are looking to inspire the next generation both here and around the UK and highlight the variety of opportunities available in the Humber, the UK’s Energy Estuary.”

The campaign will promote key facts about the region such as its 10,000 science and technology professionals, its £1bn food and drinks industry and strategic position facing Northern Europe.

The aim of NCW is to provide a focus on careers guidance activity at an important stage in the academic calendar to support young people leaving education.

Bondholders and the University have produced a variety of free classroom resources to promote careers in the Humber which will be made available to schools across the week.

The activities include areas as diverse as engineering, logistics and ports, manufacturing, chemicals, food and drink, retail, hospitality, leisure, green technology and healthcare.

These will also be developed and made available online throughout the full year following the week.  

Initially aimed at secondary school pupils and students in post-16 education, materials will be released for other age groups in the 12-months following NCW 2018.

Diana said: “Skills including innovation and digital and personal attributes such as creativity and entrepreneurship are also important in the transition into the world of work and these will be highlighted within the resources too.”

The NCW project follows the launch of Bondholders’ Engaging Young Talent campaign at Humber Business Week in June.

The campaign was launched with the film #whereitbegins, which celebrates examples of young talent who are fulfilling their potential in the Humber through either study or work.

As part of the campaign, Bondholder members nominated ‘rising stars’ from within their companies.

This has grown into the development of the Young Talent Network – a group of driven individuals at the start of their careers who are working together to inspire each other and the next generation of school leavers.

Diana said: “Our Engaging Young Talent campaign and the Young Talent Network were launched in response to recent growth that has led to significant job creation and in turn a desire for fresh talent and new energy to drive investments forward.

“Our work with NCW takes this even further forward by engaging young people outside of the region on a national level to alert and enthuse them to explore what we have to offer in the Humber.”

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About National Careers Week

National Careers Week (NCW) is a celebration of careers guidance and free resources in education across the UK. The aim is to provide a focus for careers guidance activity at an important stage in the academic calendar to help support young people leaving education.

Careers week provides free resources, information on current career opportunities and advice on activities and exercises to run.

At a time of high youth unemployment there has never been a bigger need for careers guidance to be promoted and celebrated in education. National Careers Week is your platform to advise and inspire our next generation as they enter the world of work.

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