By Diana Taylor on 21 February 2017

Over the past few decades, there has been a sharp increase in the competitive drive of cities, regions and nations around the world – particularly in terms of attracting tourism, business and investment.

‘Place Marketing’ is being used to offer up the most realistic, competitive and compelling strategic vision for a city, region, or country. Getting the collective story straight is particularly important in overcoming potential negative connotations about an area - instead nurturing the assets it holds such as culture and heritage, architecture, local skills, prosperous communities and investments for future growth.

We want to ensure that the Humber gets deserved applause for its real strengths and positive attributes, by demonstrating the vibrancy and ‘energy’ that’s all around us. We need to build upon the momentum being seen across the region and capitalise on Hull’s year as City of Culture by shouting about our assets from the rooftops.

We recognise the need to seize these opportunities to cement our message - working collaboratively to ensure that one united message gets through. Behind the scenes of the region’s productivity, Bondholders has been working hard to deliver a narrative for the Humber – ‘The UK’s Energy Estuary’.

In partnership with the Humber LEP, Bondholders has therefore created a host of new materials including a promotional Humber film and pocket guide for the region that both clearly articulate our USPs. And in order to spread our message even further, we’ve jointly invested in a brand new online portal to target inward investment – is a new web platform that allows investors, businesses and the media to explore all that the region has to offer. Whether that’s looking for a prime location in which to invest, the space to enable a business to grow, or a researching place that offers a unique live-work balance, they need look no further.

As a central hub, is also the place to keep you informed about the latest developments, news and opportunities available across the region. A wealth of information is available – and here’s just a snapshot:

  • A showcase of regional growth sectors
  • An interactive Enterprise Zone map
  • Business case studies
  • A key investments/development timeline
  • Downloadable business resources
  • An organisational support directory

The website and key materials are now available at what we believe is a key time for the region; with major investments already being seen and a significant rise in enquiries for future projects being received.

We know that there has been an appetite from members to have such materials, to aid in your role as regional ambassadors.  We therefore invite each of you to use them, to ensure we’re all on message as we collectively spread the word!

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