By Louise Drewery on 11 August 2017

A devoted team of employees from Humber-based IT provider: HBP Systems, have recently banded together and completed the ‘Tough Mudder’ assault course to raise a staggering £1,035 for local charities, doubling their original fundraising goal.

The gruelling event, which comprised of 27 military training style obstacles (Including a plunge into a pool of ice-filled water, and a climb up a vertical 12ft wall) over a 12-mile run through the Yorkshire hills, was completed by the dedicated staff of HBP for The Sick Children’s Trust, Dove House Hospice and the East Anglia Air Ambulance.

Yorkshire’s Tough Mudder, which took place in Skipton on the 29th of July is renowned as being one of the most difficult physical endurance events that members of the public can undertake, with a huge array of obstacles designed to exhaust, damage and terrify runners.

John Anderton, Tim Pritchard, Alex Rusted & Josh Anderson, who make up part of HBP’s marketing department, spent the months leading up to the event training in Central Park, Scunthorpe on a weekly basis. They say the suffering and hardship was all worth it to be able to raise so much their chosen causes.

Josh Anderson from the team said: “It was incredibly difficult, I won’t sugar-coat it; we really suffered making our way around the course. The obstacles challenged us but I’m proud of what we achieved.”

“We were exhausted, freezing, covered in mud and we even picked up some injuries in the team on the way round – myself included! But it was all worth it to be able to support the amazing charities that have actually helped some of our friends personally in the past.”

A spokesperson for Dove House Hospice thanked the team for their support and praised their ‘brilliant effort’ on behalf of everyone in the organisation, they also hoped the team had recovered fully from the ordeal, although the muddy-marketers say they are still battered and bruised!

Josh, John, Alex & Tim all say that despite the laborious conditions and the physical toll the event took on them, they look to sign up next year and raise even more money for the local causes who have worked so hard to support their colleagues through difficult times over the last few years.

HBP Finance Manager Niki Smith was supported by Dove House Hospice when her Grandfather was cared for by the charity during his final weeks - Dove House made Niki’s Grandfather comfortable and allowed the family to spend the time together as a whole.

Fellow HBP employee, Jonny Pearson was supported by The Sick Children’s Trust when his twins Olivia and Jacob were born prematurely and had to be intensely cared for, for their first 3-4 months. The charity provided Jonny and his wife with accommodation close to the hospital so they could be near the children while they were sick.

HBP’s Tough Mudder run comes as part of a larger effort from the company to raise a mammoth £10,000 for local charities over the coming years. The initiative was launched by HBP’s Charity and Social Committee who were formed to spearhead charitable enterprises from the company.

This latest charity effort also stands as part of HBP’s newly considered vision of being ‘Best Today, Better Tomorrow’ – a motto that the company have adopted as their personal mantra to embody their determined approach to how they work as a business pushing forward throughout 2017.


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