Hull is the UK City of Culture 2017 - an award given every four years to a city that demonstrates the belief in the transformational power of culture as a tool for regeneration. And what a year it is delivering so far!

With four seasons featuring 365 days of ambitious and extraordinary cultural activity and events, Hull is delivering a programme worthy of a world-class destination.  

Season one, Made in Hull, brought the year in with a bang as the city threw its doors wide open and invited the world to the biggest celebration Hull has ever seen, celebrating what it means to be made in Hull. A city like no other, a city that is poetic and fiercely independent; telling the inspiring stories of the city’s revolutionaries, the thinkers and innovators who broke the rules and made their mark on the world.

In the first week of activity alone the city saw 340,000 visitors, making it the most visited attraction in the UK. This extraordinary start set the tone for this epic year.

The second chapter, Roots & Routes, builds on this momentum and will explore Hull’s unique place as a gateway to Europe, its maritime history and global connections, and the arrivals and departures that create the stories of the city.

Hull is a place of migration and transitions, connected to a globalised, digital world. In this next action-packed season, the contribution of the brilliant people and ideas travelling in and out of Hull will be underlined.

The city’s international links from Rotterdam to Reykjavik will be celebrated, where paths cross and journeys begin, as Hull embarks on the next stage of its journey and takes its place at the centre of UK culture.

The team behind the planning and delivery of the year are an independent company and charitable trust, Hull UK City of Culture 2017 Ltd. Working with national and international artists, alongside the very best local talent, the year is celebrating the culture of the city and its place in the wider cultural offer of the North. Every young person of school age is being given the opportunity to participate and an enthusiastic team of volunteers are helping to deliver this exciting year.

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform perceptions of the city and tackle head on some of the serious economic and social issues facing cities such as Hull. It is also a key milestone in the delivery of a huge cultural capital programme being led by Hull City Council as part of City Plan to energise and stimulate the local economy in order to create jobs and further investment.

This wouldn’t be possible without the significant public and private partners that have come on board to support the year, including trusts and foundations, businesses and individuals.

Join us for a year of game-changing arts and culture, featuring exciting world premieres, breathtaking installations, world-class exhibitions and live music as the remaining seasons; Roots & Routes, Freedom and Tell the World continue this legacy.  

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