To support your business and promote the Humber region, we have developed an array of materials and resources that are available to Bondholder Ambassadors. 

We work with regional and national media to secure great coverage for business in the Humber. We’re constantly developing new content – facilitating interviews, providing case studies and acting as thought leaders to tell the regional business and economic narrative.

As an Ambassador organisation, you have access to our full range of marketing materials including; documents, presentations, public relations and our extensive image library.

To request a material or resource, please make sure you are logged in using your Bondholder Ambassador login details.

Once logged in, hover over the materials you require, click ‘explore’ and add the materials to your wishlist. When complete, view your wishlist and submit the request form at the bottom of the page. Once approved by a member of the Marketing Humber team, your materials will be sent directly to you.

Annual Bondholder Ambassador Delivery Report 2020

Annual Bondholder Ambassador Delivery Report 2020

Marketing Humber's delivery programme focuses on building the regional business voice through a strong, coherent message, providing the compelling proposition to attract investment and growth.

We provide the strategic partnerships, the knowledge exchange and marketing resources to meet the needs of both our private and public sector ambassadors.

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The Waterline Student E-book

The Waterline Student E-book

The Waterline Student E-book is an interactive resource for students, highlighting various exciting educational and career opportunities that are on offer in the Humber.

As our region leads the way to a net-zero future, students will be able to discover more about the transformational projects that are taking place here, learn how some of region’s biggest businesses are working towards a greener future, and find out how, with their support, they could kickstart their own sustainable career.

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Your View

The Your View brochure is available to help Marketing Humber’s ambassadors recruit senior healthcare professionals to the Humber area, as well as serving the wider purpose of promoting the region.

Your View is tailored for people who may be relocating families and covers everything from housing and education to entertaining the family at the weekend. It also includes some powerful case studies from those who have already moved to work at places such as Hull Royal Infirmary, Smith & Nephew, RB, Scunthorpe General Hospital and to a local pharmacy, as well as those who have chosen to study at the University of Hull and the Hull York Medical School. Contributors have spoken about their experiences, helping produce some compelling stories.

Chris Long, CEO, Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust said: “Your View will be a valuable tool in supporting the recruitment of employees from outside of the area, particularly for those hard to fill specialist roles, of which many will have very little knowledge of the Humber region.

“This publication brings to life what the region has to offer in a compelling way that answers many of the questions candidates have when thinking about relocating here.”

Your View is available for members of the Marketing Humber network to use now.

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