Region of Opportunity

Consistently, the message we hear from our Bondholders is that they struggle to attract and retain young talent.

To help address this challenge and building on the success of My Life, we are planning a campaign that is aimed at 17-24 year olds to communicate the wealth of opportunities available in the Humber for them to begin and progress their career here.

As part of this, we will be showcasing the vibrancy of the area from both a business and lifestyle perspective and we will be celebrating examples of young talent who are fulfilling their potential either via study or work.

We have just produced a short film to engage with this audience.  It will form a key part of the campaign which will demonstrate the great opportunities and varying careers available here in the Humber and present case studies of our young talent who have started their professional lives within our companies and organisations. It will be delivered through a strong social media campaign and leverage of opportunities at events throughout the region.  

Bondholder members are encouraged to support the campaign and promote the film within your own organisation, at events, within presentations, online, on social media and alongside any career and/ or training opportunities using #whereitbegins.

We want Bondholders to help shape this campaign by sharing stories of success. We ask you to please send details of any case studies or rising stars you have within your own organisations to a member of the team.


Hull and the Humber region has a thirst for fresh talent and new energy to secure its legacy. The foundations in which to build long term careers across a variety of industry sectors has therefore never been stronger. 

Check out some of the current job opportunities here.


Shaping the ENGAging young talent campaign

Bondholders worked with a focus group of 17-24 year olds to inform our campaign. This film was produced during the focus group and features seven 17-24 year olds, all in different stages of education and employment, discussing their experiences, motivations and ambitions to progress a career

We also worked with a focus group of business leaders from across the Humber region. This film features eight business leaders, from a cross-section of industries, discussing their career history, experiences, motivations and ambitions. 

With special thanks

Everyone featured in the film are local to the Bondholder network and Humber area.

The Bondholder team have begun to gather research for the campaign with the help of businesses and young people, conducting two focus groups with thanks to participants from Singleton Birch, Spencer Group, Pepperells Solicitors, Young’s Seafood, DeSigns, North Lindsey College, Hymers, Hull College, IT@Spectrum, H&H, Disability Sports Humber, Ramsden’s, Humber LEP, British Steel and FEO. Further research is being undertaken however, if you have any specific information which would help to shape the campaign please do contact us.