Be part of the region’s future

It is becoming increasingly competitive across the UK to attract large-scale investment projects and the Humber needs to be proactive in gaining global relevance.

Marketing Humber has partnered with the University of Hull to launch an ambitious campaign ‘The Waterline’. This partnership combining industry, academic expertise and R&D activity, is uniquely well-placed to support the delivery of this campaign which underpins projects and economic models that demonstrate how decarbonisation can deliver both environmental sustainability and economic growth.

Collectively both parties can act as a catalyst to bring thought leaders together through the international campaign; The Waterline. The Waterline will position the Humber as a global demonstrator tackling the challenges of climate change and build upon the assets and advantages, the skills and capabilities we have here in the region.

The Waterline Think Tank will bring together the voice of business, industry and government, and develop concepts, ideas and feasibilities to deliver the strategic and transformational projects that will secure the future of the Humber.

The Waterline will:

  • make the Humber globally relevant for the challenges of climate change
  • focus our future on demonstrating a new economic model for decarbonisation
  • provide regional projects to build sustainable growth over the next 50 years

The Waterline campaign recognises that the Humber is one of the coastal regions around the world officially listed as at high risk due to rising sea levels and increasing flood threat. It also builds on the Humber’s ever-growing reputation as the UK’s leading centre for renewable energy generation.

This film demonstrates the urgency of the current global situation and the work currently underway across the Humber to help tackle the issue. This is not enough. As a region, our biggest threat is now our biggest opportunity.

The Humber can be a centre of excellence if we come together.