The YTN offers a professional network and programme of unique events for all young talent in the Humber region. You don’t have to be a Bondholder business to be part of the network,

Not defined by age, we aim to empower all ambitious individuals who are in the early stages of their career, by strengthening key skills and providing a platform to create meaningful social connections.

Being part of the YTN allows you to start making professional contacts who are passionate about the Humber region.

We hope having the opportunity to build trust and meaningful connections early on your career will encourage future connectivity across industries, breakdown silos, enhance the regional impact and strengthen the future collective voice for the Humber region.

The YTN’s programme of unique events are designed for and by its members, they focus on:

  • Knowledge exchange
  • Social opportunities
  • Exclusive behind the scenes experiences
  • Personal & professional development opportunities